Footsteps From Home

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This instrumental music was written and recorded by Jamie MacLean at Butterstone Studios in Scotland during the autumn and winter of 2019 while creating the music for the award winning film "Sherpas Speak". 

The Sherpa people are a distinct indigenous group with a rich heritage and culture. Preserving local traditions and the way of life is a key priority for those that live in the Khumbu - the Sherpa homeland. The film provides a voice for their concerns as many feel their traditional life is under threat. The album is a varied and evocative musical  journey. 

Tracks include: 

1: Sherpas Speak 
2: In Their Footsteps
3: Grandmother
4: Blizzard
5: Phortse
6: Au
7: Anga
8: The Crux
9: Chomolungma
10: Dumji
11: Dargie
12: Tashi
13: The Mountain
14: Not Over Yet
15: Climbing Wall
16: The Mani Wall
17: Footsteps From Home 

All profits from the sale of this album will go to The Little Sherpa Foundation (Charity Number SCO47634).  Founded in 2015, the charity has been working hard on Building Projects especially after the earthquakes of 2015, including schools & health clinics; Supporting Education by providing scholarships, Sherpa teachers & educational materials; Health Care by rebuilding the health clinics and providing access to nurses, doctors & medicines; Earthquake Relief by providing temporary shelters, clothing & food to the most vulnerable people. For more info www.the 

Thanks to: Tim Edey for accordion on Tracks 10 and 12; Dougie MacLean for mandolin on Track 9; James Lamb for photographs; Callum and Lewis for album illustrations. All tracks composed by Jamie MacLean and Published by Limetree Arts and Music.