Event Tickets

Here will be the links to concert tickets for Shades of Amber 2023! 
DATES: Friday November 3rd - Sunday November 5th 2023
VENUE: Cardney Steading, Perthshire

INFO: MacLean's Art & Music at Cardney Steading ... Shades of Perthshire Amber 2023. Concerts, exhibition, music sessions ... great food and drink ... in a wonderful setting! Return shuttle bus tickets will be available from Dunkeld and Blairgowrie  to all concerts at Cardney Steading. These 'sought after' tickets will be sale from May 9th 2023 at 4pm (UK time).

Shuttle bus tickets for all concerts (from Dunkeld) will be available from the Shades of Amber 2023 page 

Once tickets are available, as last year we will ask you to please print your ticket order confirmation email for admission or bring on mobile device that can be viewed...we will not be sending out printed tickets.


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