Caledonia Cantata

Caledonia Cantata

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A special synthesis of the wealth of Dougie’s songs and instrumental music recorded live at Perth Concert Hall, Scotland, during the 2015 Perthshire Amber Festival.

This very special performance brings together favourite Dougie MacLean (acoustic guitar, vocals) with some of Scotland’s finest musicians including Jenna Reid (fiddle), Ross Ainslie (whistles, cittern), Sorren Maclean (acoustic guitar, vocals) and Iain Sandilands (percussion) as well as the wonderful strings of the Perthshire Ensemble.

During his 40 years as a musician, audiences have been thrilled by performances of his now classic songs as well as his Perthshire Amber Suite, the Muir of Gormack, The Search and in 2014 the Perthshire Cantata. His "Caledonia Cantata" beautifully fuses together the best of all this previous work with some wonderful new songs.


  1. The Place
  2. The Burial
  3. Broken Wings
  4. Child Of This Place
  5. Pinnita Castra
  6. Turning Away
  7. Ready For The Storm
  8. Lunan Braes
  9. All Together
  10. Youthful Innocence
  11. Caledonia
  12. Only Love